CCTV Installation


We deploy various CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) types, depending on what the client needs or what you observed during the site survey.

Closed-circuit television has been a very good source to prevent and detect theft for long now. The videos recorded during an incidence can be played back to view the right time and how a particular crime or incidence that happened, and this can be used in a court of law as an evidence.

Our trained CCTV installers can deploy the following types of CCTV systems;


  • Conventional wired CCTV systems in which the cameras are connected to the DVR(Digital video recorder) which contains the hardest drive where all the videos are stored. And the DVR is connected to the monitor or screen which shows the video


  • IP(internet protocol): CCTV systems: This involves the use of IP cameras and configuring it with an internet enable router in your home or offices. The IP cameras transmit the video via the internet and the user can log in with a dedicated IP address to view it from anywhere he is as long as he has an internet enable laptop, phone or tablet PCs.


   We deploy CCTV for schools, Churches, cooperate offices and residential homes.